Test Tube

Round holes with tight tolerances hold 13mm tubes firmly for accurate processing reducing lost sampl...
Indexed Racks 2 results
For high-visibility, this 6-place high-density polyethylene rack is end-supported by two columns. •...
In-Line Test Tube Rack 1 result
These heavy-duty 3 tier test tube racks have hand grips in the end plates for easy transport. • Sta...
Heavy Duty Test Tube Racks 5 results
Colors stand out against the white surfaces of this polypropylene rack making color comparison tests...
Color Comparison Tube Rack 1 result
Leave hands free for pipetting and other critical tasks with these polystyrene plastic tube holders ...
50ml Conical Tube Holders 2 results
The most versatile conical tube holder on the market, it sets up in just seconds to hold either a 15...
15ml and 50ml Conical Tube Holder 1 result

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