10 - 30mm Tubes

These polypropylene racks provide a practical method of pipetting and storing a large number of samp...
Radioimmunoassay Tube Racks 3 results
These No-Wire™ racks fit neatly into round containers such as ice buckets and beakers, as well as de...
Round Racks - No-Wire 3 results
Efficiently prepare agar media slants with this test tube slant rack. Choose from 13-16mm or 16-20mm...
Slant Racks 2 results
These sturdy, rigid racks feature interlocking end plates with handles for secure stacking when load...
Stack Rack Test Tube Racks 5 results
This innovative, split-frame Switch-Grid™ rack holds up to two different size tubes in the same rack...
Switch-Grid Test Tube Racks 11 results
Eliminates fatigue and soreness of hands and fingers from the repetitive task of applying test tube ...
Test Tube Capper 1 result
Molded of a special blend of polypropylene that is heavier than water, these racks sink to the botto...
Water Bath Test Tube Racks 3 results

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