Semi-Flexible nylon scraper attached to a rigid fiberglass handle provides a secure grip when reachi...
Long Handled Scraper 1 result
Made from glass-reinforced polyimide nylon, this rigid scrapers straight, chisel-type edge may be re...
Resharpenable Rigid Scraper 1 result
Smooth, chemical-resistant plastic scrapers are useful for removing residues from filters, cleaning ...
Scrapers 6 results
This scraper has a flat polystyrene blade, 5.9cm (2⅓”) wide, with a tapered, sharp edge. • Made of ...
Smooth, Chisel-Type Rigid Scraper 1 result
This plastic scraper has a rigid, chisel-edged, triangular blade that is tapered and fans out to a w...
Triangular Scraper 1 result

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