For use with H-B DURAC Calibrated Thermocouple Thermometers or others that accept K or J type probes...
H-B DURAC Thermocouple Thermometer Probes 2 results
Stainless steel models are ideal for environments that can withstand the elements - inside incubator...
H-B DURAC Thermometer-Hygrometer 2 results
Thermometer-Hygrometer analog clocks feature plastic casing and white dial face. Humidity range 0/10...
H-B DURAC Thermometer-Hygrometer Clocks 4 results
Designed for ultra-low temperature use to ensure that the meniscus will be visible in the appropriat...
H-B DURAC® Plus™ Ultra Low Liquid-In-Glass Laboratory Thermometers 5 results
100% environmentally safe tank thermometers feature a wood casing with a brass cup to hold a liquid ...
H-B Easy-Read Environmentally Friendly Liquid-In-Glass Tank Thermometers 2 results

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