Used in many laboratory and plant environments, these DURAC® Infrared Thermometers provide non-conta...
H-B DURAC Infrared Thermometers with Individual Calibration Report 4 results
Non-invasive body temperature measurement is ideal for workforce personnel. • Color-coded readings a...
H-B DURAC Liquid Crystal Disposable Forehead Stick-On Thermometer Strip 1 result
Features a red spirit thermometer liquid and an enclosed paper scale inside a glass tube. Glass tube...
H-B DURAC Liquid-In-Glass Aquarium Thermometer; Organic Liquid Fill 1 result
Individually serialized, these oven thermometers contain red organic liquid against white back glass...
H-B DURAC Liquid-In-Glass Oven Thermometers; Organic Liquid Fill 8 results
These organic liquid filled thermometers against white back glass are ideal for use in experiments d...
H-B DURAC Liquid-In-Glass Ungraduated Thermometer; Organic Liquid Filled 1 result
Economical yet strong and durable. Thermometer is mounted to a molded plastic case that protects the...
H-B DURAC Liquid-In-Glass Wall Thermometer; Organic Liquid Fill 1 result

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