We’re Going West! Bel-Art Brief


These (Cowboy) Boots were Made for…

Nancy Sinatra’s boots may have been made for walking, but that’s not the case with cowboy boots. And they’re not made for fashion either, even though many who wear them never get anywhere near a horse.

Available in two styles, Western-style cowboy boots are made specifically for riding horses while Roper-style boots are made with the rodeo roper in mind.

Western/Classic Boots

Mid-calf or taller boot shaft –
protects the lower leg and ankle, on and off the horse

Angled Heel, over 1″ high – keeps the foot in the stirrup (and the rider on the horse)

Image:  Western Boots

Roper Boots

Above ankle, below mid-calf booth shaft – less expensive, allows the boot to be more easily removed

Squared-off heel, less than 1″ high – easier to run to tie the calf in roping

Roper boots

Both styles of cowboy share these characteristics & benefits:

  • Slick, tread-less leather soles and narrow toes – easy insertion/removal into stirrups of saddles
  • Heel – minimizes risk of the foot sliding out of the stirrup
  • Shaft – holds the boot in place without laces

From Western cowboy boots on your feet to Western Blots in the lab…
Reduce Your Antibody Usage with Antibody Saver Tray Sets !

Image:  Antibody Saver Tray Sets

  • Trays & lanes in 2 sizes can be mixed and matched for maximum efficiency
  • Reduce antibody volume by using only the tray/lane(s) needed
  • Lid protects samples and allows stacking
  • Disposable/reusable as needed

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Hair of the Dog


Keep it Neutral

Uh oh, it’s 8PM on a Tuesday and Fido just rolled in something outside. He needs a bath ASAP, but you’re out of dog shampoo. If your first instinct is to use your own shampoo or body wash, STOP! That could actually make things worse for your canine companion.
Want to know why? Let’s talk pH…

Image: pH value - human skin v canine skin

Close, but not the same

Close, but not the same!

Using bath products meant for acidic human skin on dogs’ more alkaline skin disrupts their natural pH balance. This can cause itching and create an environment where bacteria, parasites, and viruses run rampant*!

The best thing you can do for your pup is get dog shampoo with the right pH for their skin, same as you would do for yourself!

Image:  Dog getting shampoo'd

Plum pH Neutralizing Solution

If an acid or alkali gets into your eye, the faster you can neutralize it, the better chance you have of avoiding serious injury or blindness.
Plum pH Neutralizing Solution rapidly neutralizes acids or alkalis!


  • Ideal for primary first aid before further rinsing
  • Essential in the first 45 seconds to help avoid permanent damage

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It’s a Balancing Act


It’s a Balancing Act

Life is a game of balance.

We balance checkbooks, diets, and tires. We balance work with friends and family obligations. Some of us even do yoga to incorporate balance into our body and mind.

In Yoga, balancing poses offer many benefits

  • Help concentration
  • Promote a sense of calm
  • Strengthen muscles
  • Build coordination
  • Can prolong life by helping to avoid falls and injuries that could lead to death among the elderly

Image:  Yoga Balancing Act

Using an analytical balance in the lab?

Try measuring into our Clear View Conical Tube Holders!

  • Light weight (low tare weight) makes the holder ideal for holding tubes while weighing directly into them
  • Holds 15 or 50ml tubes by easily switching the arms
  • Open design allows you to view the entire contents of the tube

Image: Clear View Conical Tube Holders

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SP Acquires Penn Tech

Image:  SP Industries Logo

Warminster, PA – March 21, 2016 – SP Industries, Inc. (“SP”), a leading designer and manufacturer of state-of-the-art laboratory equipment; a full line of research, pilot and production freeze dryers for biological drug manufacturing solutions; laboratory supplies and glassware, announced today that it has acquired the assets of privately held PennTech Machinery Corporation, a global provider of complete vial handling solutions covering washing, sterilization, filling, stoppering, capping and both tray and freeze dryer loading/unloading equipment, located in Warminster, PA. To read the complete press release, follow this link.

Press Release For Immediate Release
March 21, 2016 Contact:
Mary Seto
mary.seto@spindustries.com – 1-800-423-5278
SP Industries