4 Dumb Thieves (And 1 Smart One!)


Dumb Thief


4 Dumb Thieves
(And 1 Smart One!)

Movies might portray criminals as masterminds with intricate plans but the reality is a little less glamorous. Just search 'Dumb Criminals' and see how many results you get! (FYI it's about 5,360,000). While being the victim of any crime is certainly scary, sometimes you can't help but laugh at how some thieves got caught. Here are 4 of our favorites that we hope give you a chuckle!

  • A teenage girl in Nebraska, U.S. robbed a local bank and then stole a car. How did she get caught? She posted a public video bragging about her crime spree on YouTube.


  • A burglar in China was caught (literally) by attempting to squeeze through a small fifth floor window of an apartment building.
  • In Norfolk, England a man was arrested 15 minutes after posting a selfie with a knife on Facebook, boasting that he had just robbed the supermarket Tesco.


  • A man in Texas, U.S. was arrested for forgery, unsurprisingly, after trying to cash a check for $360 billion. And it wasn't even made out to HIM.

Those thieves were not smart. Our Sample Thief, on the other hand, is a very smart way to steal liquid samples.

  • Take liquid samples at specific depths

  • Easy to use, one-handed operation

  • 41.5" length has max capacity of 475ml

  • Other sizes can be made to order

Did You Celebrate Chocolate Chip Day?



Did You Celebrate
Chocolate Chip Day?



That's right - chocolate chips have their own day. And it was May 15. Don't worry we won't judge you if you celebrate a few days late. If you're a choco-holic you might even (unknowingly) celebrate chocolate chip day more than just once per year. But if you're not a chocolate lover and only indulge occasionally, you might wonder if that bag of morsels in your pantry from who-knows-when is still good. Let's find out!

Chocolate usually has a 'best before' date and not an 'expiration' date so it can be used even if the date has passed if stored in a cool, dry place. How long past the printed date can they last?*

  • Pantry: 2-4 months
  • Refrigerator: 6-8 months
  • Freezer: 2-3 years


Bonus fact!  After a while you may notice white dots on the chocolate. This is 'sugar bloom' and just means the sugar has come to the surface and then evaporated.This makes the chocolate chips less palatable when raw, but they're still safe to eat and bake with!


What if you need to keep samples or chemicals cool and dry in the lab?  The Secador® Refrigerator Ready Desiccator provides moisture-free storage in cold spaces!

Image:  secador-refrigerator-ready-desiccator

  • Perfect for use inside refrigerators, -20°C freezers, or at room temperature
  • Extra long depth and pull-out shelves allow full use of fridge shelf depth
  • Top-down door opening allows easy access to contents

Image: Shop Now

Get Your Green On


Image: Get Your Green On

Every March 17, you can expect to see a sea of green - literally. Green clothes, green beer, green foods, and yes, even green rivers. But did you know the original color associated with St. Patrick's Day was actually blue? St. Patrick himself was often shown wearing sky blue, known as St. Patrick's blue. So why did we start to 'go green'?

Since the 17th century, the color green has been used to represent:



  • A tribute to Ireland's nickname 'The Emerald Isle'
  • One of the 3 colors of the Irish flag
  • Green shamrocks, which were used by St. Patrick during his religious teachings to symbolize the Holy Trinity

 Image: leprechaun

Another reason to wear green? Leprechauns!
Legend has it they will pinch anyone not wearing their favorite color. That's reason enough for us!

Are Your Thermometers 'Green'?

H-B Enviro Safe® Thermometers are
(not just for St. Patrick's Day)!

  • Earth friendly, EnviroKleen™ certified
  • Non-toxic, biodegradable Enviro-Safe liquid

Search 'Enviro-Safe' on belart.com


Did you Celebrate National Inventor’s Day


Did You Celebrate
National Inventors' Day?

National Inventors' Day is celebrated every year on February 11. While famous inventors like Thomas Edison or Benjamin Franklin may be first to come to mind, there are many regular people who invent life-changing products everyday! Don't believe us? Keep reading to find out the surprising story behind how the Break-Safe Ampule Opener was invented!

A retired army veteran needed to take medication which was contained in ampules.

Due to the extent of his injuries including limited use of one arm, he had a difficult time opening the ampules when it was time for his injections.

After trial and error he came up with the Ampule Opener- a safer way for everyone to open ampules! Not only can it be operated with one hand and without direct contact with the ampules, but ampules break cleanly and glass pieces remain contained within the device.

Break-Safe Ampule Opener

Have Your Own Product Ideas?
SP Scienceware regularly reviews product ideas from the scientific community.
We can help you bring your ideas to life!  

Here’s how:

  • Visit "Submit an Invention" in the bottom menu
  • Submit a quick statement about your idea
  • No promises, but someone will contact you to see if your idea and SP Scienceware are a good fit.

Is it Dry in Here?


Is It Dry in Here or Is It Just Us?

If you live in an area with cold winter temperatures, you know the joy of freezing cold air outside, dry warm air inside... emphasis on the DRY. The heated air pumped through offices and homes can cause a drastic reduction in humidity, leading to dry, chapped skin and even frequent nosebleeds. Whether your nose drips a little blood or it seems to run like a faucet, we have some quick tips to ease or eliminate your winter nosebleeds.

  • If your nose is running, dab it with a tissue instead of blowing, which can irritate nasal membranes.
  • Use a humidifier to put moisture back into the air, especially in the bedroom at night.
  • Try a saline nasal spray or water-soluble gel to moisturize the inside of your nose.

Image:  how to manage a nosebleed

If you do get a nosebleed, don't panic! Sit upright and lean forward to reduce blood pressure in your nose. Pinch your nostrils shut for 5-10 minutes to stop the flow of blood.*

Sometimes in the laboratory, a dry environment is optimal!
Techni-Dome Desiccators provide a roomy interior for moisture sensitive materials!

Image:  SP Scienceware Techni-Dome Desiccator

  • Spacious 65 liter (4000 cu. in.) internal volume can hold items up to 45cm (18") tall or wide, including racks, trays, and instruments
  • Offers a clear, unobstructed view of contents
  • Made from chemical resistant polycarbonate

Image: Shop Now for Cryogenic Labels