Funnels + Cake


Image: Funnels + Cake = A Tasty Treat

It's fair and carnival season here in the US which means plenty of fried foods, including funnel cake - a round pile of crispy fried dough usually covered in powdered sugar. But where did funnel cakes actually come from? And, would you believe this deep fried dough is actually considered a 'lower calorie treat'?!

      • The name 'funnel cake' comes from the way batter is poured through a funnel into hot oil.
      • These fried fritters date back to medieval times, but their modern U.S. origins are commonly associated with the Pennsylvania Dutch, who served funnel cakes to the masses at the Kutztown Folk Festival every year.
    • Similar delights (yep, we're fans!) can be found the world over including:
      • Spain - Churros
      • Canada - Beaver-tails
      • Brazil - Bolinho de chuvas
      • France - Bugnes
      • Portugal - Fartura
      • Germany - Strauben/Strieble
      • Lithuania - Skruzdėlynas

But low calorie?! No way!

Yes way! An average 6-inch funnel cake contains less than 300 calories! The steam produced by the high water content in the batter allows it to puff up, resulting in the light and airy texture. Pile on the toppings like powdered sugar, chocolate, or jelly and it's another story...

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Image:  Variety

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