Vinnie Martorano, Channel Manager West

A Day in the Life

Having my office on the west coast of the U.S. while having customers in Europe and my main office on the east coast keeps my mornings fairly routine. I work my way across the globe.

4:45 A.M. PST, I’m up, have had my coffee in the darkness and moonlit sky of the early Pacific Northwest morning and am ready to follow up on any opportunities that arose while I was counting sheep. Typically this includes new sales leads and current business follow up as well as monthly business reviews via conference calls as a supplement to our face to face visits with customers in Europe and the U.S.

Image: Vinnie Martorano, Channel Manager West

Vinnie Martorano, Channel Manager West

By the time I’m finishing up with Europe, I turn my attention to our office in New Jersey. Right around this time the folks in N.J. have grabbed their coffee or tea and are getting to their desks at 8:30 A.M. EST. I proceed to conduct my usual/daily calls with my team members in pricing/quotations, product management, and marketing and sales. I also address any urgent requirements from the latter part of the previous day. After those calls, I focus on my to-do list in a reactive mode and address e-mails and return phone calls. This can vary in length of time based on the requirements of the customers.

Now the creative (fun) part of my day begins. I turn into a proactive machine and look to generate new revenue. These activities include nurturing existing customers and thanking them for new and existing business, following up on any open quotations and looking to close the order/sale. It never ceases to amaze me how much I can learn about my company’s capabilities and product offering by this activity.

Disclaimer: I travel about 55% of the month. Yes, United Airlines loves me. During that time my day is consumed with airport security, rental cars, and hotel shuttles. Often times my day to day calls and activities have been known to occur on the rental car shuttle bus, in noisy terminals and hotel parking lots. The light at the end of this tunnel is that I get to work “face to face, belly to belly” with the most fascinating people in the market: our customers and end users. I meet with them with preset agendas and frequently bring personnel and resources from our main office to assist in my efforts. This is enjoyable for the both the customer and our personnel as it gives them a chance to meet the individual they have been dealing with for sometimes years over the phone.

In conclusion I find my role and job very rewarding by supplying key products and services to an industry that is looking to learn more about and improve the human experience. I feel like I contribute to helping our most talented researchers doing drug discovery, quality control in the food and beverage industry, laboratory technicians in environmental testing, teachers in education and so on.