Micro (Flea) Spinbar Magnetic Stirring Bars

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Micro (Flea) Spinbar Magnetic Stirring Bars

Small Sample Mixing

Designed for small volume mixing in vessels such as vials, tubes and gradient makers.
Particularly useful for environmental testing and life science applications in which small sample volumes need to be prepared and evaluated
Alnico magnet encapsulated in FDA Grade, USP Class VI Teflon® brand PTFE Coating; Superior chemical compatibility
Manufactured in a registered ISO 9001:2015 facility, as verified by SGS certification
Autoclave safe
TEFLON® is a registered trademark of The Chemours Company FC LLC and used under license by Bel-Art Products, Inc.
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Catalog No.: Dimensions (L X Dia.) Quantity / Pack
F37119-0002 0.079 x 0.079" (2 x 2mm) 1
F37119-0003 0.118 x 0.118" (3 x 3mm) 1
F37119-0005 0.197 x 0.079" (5 x 2mm) 1
F37119-0635 0.250 x 0.118" (6.4 x 3mm) 1
F37119-0007 0.276" x 0.079" (7 x 2mm) Square Ends 1
F37119-0008 0.315" x 0.059" (8 x 1.5mm) Square Ends 1
F37119-1083 0.315" x 0.118" (8 x 3mm) With Pivot Ring 1
F37119-0083 0.315" x 0.118" (8 x 3mm) 1
F37119-0010 0.394" x 0.118" (10 x 3mm) 1
F37119-0127 0.500" x 0.118" (12.7 x 3mm) 1
F37119-0015 0.591" x 0.059" (15 x 1.5mm) 1
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