The epoxy-coated steel wire Petri Dish Mini Rack helps keep benchtops neat and organized. • Holds s...
100mm Petri Dish Mini Rack - Poxygrid 1 result
Clear, TPX® rack with polypropylene posts securely holds up to fifty-four 100mm Petri dishes. Shippe...
100mm Petri Dish Rack - Clear TPX Body 1 result
This rack is useful for safe transport and incubation of 60mm Petri dishes and helps to streamline b...
60mm Petri Dish Rack 1 result
Spread your bacterial cells onto the surface of an agar plate with these stainless steel cell spread...
Bacterial Cell Spreaders 2 results
Contains everything you need to keep optics and microscope parts sanitary, clean and clear. No Air S...
Cleanware Microscope Optics Cleaning Kit 2 results
Utilizes a locking ring which secures sterile velveteen squares onto a PVC cylinder for easy control...
Colony Replica-Plating Device for Petri-Dishes 1 result
Safely transport, incubate and store Petri dishes and contact plates, and helps to streamline bencht...
Contact Plate / Petri Dish Racks - White Polypropylene 2 results
This polypropylene jar improves on the classic tapered square design with a larger opening for easie...
Coplin Staining Jar 1 result
Increase workspace and efficiently transport large quantity of Petri dishes. Available in 4 colors a...
Easyplate 100mm Petri Dish Racks 7 results

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