Enhances viewing of transparent and semi-transparent objects such as 96-well plates, microscope slid...
Mini LED Light Box 2 results
A complete, effective and accurate way to count colonies of bacteria or other microorganisms grown o...
Colony Counter System 5 results
Large, wrap-around design provides coverage of entire face with unrestricted visibility. • Helps pro...
Full Coverage Face Shields with Anti-Fog 2 results
Ideal for multi-zone clean rooms, these one-piece Double-Bagged Sterileware® Sampling Scoops are the...
Sterileware Double Bagged Sterile Sampling Scoops - White 3 results
For quick and efficient surface sampling of powders and granules, these sterile spoons are used by p...
Sterileware Oval Sampling Spoons – White 2 results
Available in two lengths each with four tip volumes, these sterile powder thieves easily sample from...
Sterileware Powder Thief 8 results
A simple insert, rotate, and withdraw motion allows cross sectional sampling of non-flowing, bulk po...
Sterileware Powder Lance Samplers 3 results
These sterile scoops are used by pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic and chemical companies for general p...
Sterileware Flat Bottom Sampling Scoops – White 7 results
Ideal for taking a cross sectional sample through a bulk powder, this probe is available in two conv...
Sterileware Powder Probe Samplers 2 results
Ideal for sampling for both production work and laboratory use, Pharma Scoops are used by pharmaceut...
Sterileware Pharma Scoops - White 7 results
Available in two lengths to suit your needs, these sterile liquid thieves draw a sample with a simpl...
Sterileware Liquid Thief 2 results

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