These sterile scoops are used by pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic and chemical companies for general p...
Sterileware Flat Bottom Sampling Scoops – White 7 results
Ideal for taking a cross sectional sample through a bulk powder, this probe is available in two conv...
Sterileware Powder Probe Samplers 2 results
Ideal for sampling for both production work and laboratory use, Pharma Scoops are used by pharmaceut...
Sterileware Pharma Scoops - White 7 results
Available in two lengths to suit your needs, these sterile liquid thieves draw a sample with a simpl...
Sterileware Liquid Thief 2 results
For use with H-B DURAC Calibrated Thermocouple Thermometers or others that accept K or J type probes...
H-B DURAC Thermocouple Thermometer Probes 2 results
Remotely monitor temperature by broadcasting readings to any Apple or Android smartphone or device w...
H-B Bluetooth Verification, Probe and Stem Thermometers 3 results
Enable remote monitoring and alerts by broadcasting readings to any Apple or Android smartphone or d...
H-B Bluetooth Thermometer Hygrometer Data Loggers 3 results
Digital thermometers that effectively measure the temperature of wet or dry environments including f...
H-B DURAC Calibrated Electronic Thermometers with Waterproof Sensor 10 results
Compact benchtop disposal can contain odors and is perfect for small items such as pipette tips and ...
Benchtop Biohazard Disposal Can with Motion Sensor Lid 1 result
Achieve perfect beer brewing and wine making results with DURAC Triple Scale Beer and Wine Hydromete...
H-B DURAC Triple Scale Beer and Wine Hydrometers 3 results

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