The sturdy construction and compact size of this desiccator cabinet assures reliable storage for moi...
Secador Mini Gas-Purge Desiccator Cabinet 1 result
Unique features like an extra-long body and pull-out shelves make the Scienceware® Secador® Refriger...
Secador Refrigerator Ready Desiccator 1 result
Organizes valuable USP™ reference standards. Use in Secador® 1.0 - 4.0 desiccators for low humidity ...
Standards Bottle Rack 1 result
Generous quantities of standards, samples, electronics or other moisture-sensitive items can be prot...
Techni-Dome Gas-Purge Desiccator 1 result
This domed desiccator provides a roomy interior for large, moisture sensitive materials as well as p...
Techni-Dome Vacuum Desiccator 1 result
Fittings and instructions for mounting the Secador® Mini Desiccator Cabinet – F42075-1000 underneath...
Under Shelf Mounting Kit 1 result
Ideal for vacuum drying, degassing and teaching demonstrations, this vacuum chamber can withstand a ...
Vacuum Chamber and Plate 1 result
The thermoplastic elastomer collapses when there is a negative vacuum pressure in the desiccator and...
Vacuum Pressure Indicator 1 result

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