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These fixing trays allow the user to drain the fixing solution and then place filter paper on top of...
Electrophoresis Fixing Trays 2 results
Polypropylene plastic trays, with inset covers, taper gracefully outward toward the top. • Smooth, ...
Instrument Trays with Covers 3 results
These large capacity, rugged polypropylene plastic trays have multiple uses around the laboratory. ...
Multipurpose Polypropylene Trays 2 results
These trays can be used for staining and blot analysis in biotechnology labs as well as for photo pr...
Processing Trays 2 results
These lightweight and corrosion-proof polypropylene plastic trays have rounded corners for easy clea...
Sterilizing Trays and Covers 6 results
Straight sided, heavy duty trays are made of polypropylene plastic. • Resistant to temperatures up t...
Utility Trays 6 results

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