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1ml volume Mini-Tubes offer a convenient and economical means of performing laboratory procedures us...
12-Channel Mini-Tube Strips 1 result
Graduated, conical polyethylene tubes with rim. • Outstanding chemical inertness • Heat resistant u...
15ml Conical Centrifuge Tube with Rim 1 result
Polyethylene carriers with epoxy coated, heavy-gauge steel wire bails have wide ribs in both the sid...
Acid/Solvent Bottle Carriers 4 results
Make precise additions of liquid components to microplate wells by adjusting plates to the most conv...
Adjustable Microplate Tilting Stand 1 result
Protects water baths and other water systems against the growth of algae, bacteria, molds and biofil...
Aqua-Clear Water Conditioner - Cleanware 1 result
These clips can be opened and closed with one hand to easily and securely close the gathered top of ...
Autoclave Safe Bag Clips – Clavies 1 result
This lightweight, yet effective, Beta-blocking neoprene apron blocks up to 96% of the high energy be...
Beta Blocking Apron 1 result
This open-sided stainless steel bosshead clamp accepts rods up to 13mm (½") diameter. • Holds rods ...
Bosshead Clamp 1 result
This bottle carrier is made of ¼" thick high-density polyethylene. Measures 36 x 18 x 15cm H (14 x 7...
Bottle Carrier 2 results
Firmly holds test-tubes, burettes and other labware in place. • Spring action, stainless steel jaws...
Burette Clamp – Spring Action 1 result

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