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This Metric/English scale is printed on plastic with a pink phosphorescent ink. Useful for all fluor...
Fluorescent Ruler 1 result
Easy to set up and use, this compact device saves the time and expense of receiving a dry ice delive...
Frigimat Cub - Dry Ice Maker 1 result
The Frigimat® eliminates the need to buy large quantities of dry ice when only a little is needed. I...
Frigimat Dry Ice Maker 3 results
Dry ice flakes are useful for packing around irregularly shaped items and are easily produced as nee...
Frigimat Junior Dry Ice Maker 4 results
Fritware® High-density polyethylene sheets are supplied in medium or coarse porosity. • Can be cut,...
Fritware Porous Polyethylene Sheets 5 results
Porous one foot polyethylene rods can withstand temperatures up to 93ºC (200ºF). • Coarse grade por...
Fritware Porous Rods 2 results
High-density polyethylene bell-mouthed fitting with a sealed-in, coarse porosity polyethylene disc a...
Gas Dispersion Tube 1 result
Polypropylene gas sampling bulbs have polypropylene stopcocks with free-turning Teflon® PTFE plugs. ...
Gas Sampling Bulbs, 250cc 3 results
Griffin low form polypropylene beakers are steam autoclavable at 121ºC (250ºF) and microwavable. • R...
Graduated Griffin Low-Form Beakers 9 results
Seamless, rotational-molded polyethylene plastic tanks are lightweight and easy-to-handle. • Availa...
Heavy Duty Rectangular Tanks with Top Flanges 9 results

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