Designed for boilers, process lines, motors, pipes, griddles and hot plates or anywhere a surface te...
H-B DURAC Bi-Metallic Surface Temperature Thermometers 16 results
Choose from a variety of features in these digital stem thermometers that are suitable for field stu...
H-B DURAC Calibrated Electronic Stainless Steel Stem Thermometers 14 results
Monitor the temperature of pharmaceuticals, vaccines, chemicals, blood and blood products, food prod...
H-B DURAC Calibrated Electronic Thermometers with Stainless Steel Probe 7 results
Digital thermometers that effectively measure the temperature of wet or dry environments including f...
H-B DURAC Calibrated Electronic Thermometers with Waterproof Sensor 10 results
Used for temperature measurement in life science research, kilns, gas turbine exhaust, diesel engine...
H-B DURAC Calibrated Thermocouple Thermometers 4 results
Made from high grade ABS plastic, these panel mount units display temperature and humidity simultane...
H-B DURAC Electronic Thermometer-Hygrometer, Panel Mount 1 result
Features waterproof temperature probe, maximum/minimum memory, freeze alert, 30mm (1.2”) probe on 3 ...
H-B DURAC Electronic Thermometer-Hygrometers 2 results
Galileo Galilei discovered when a liquid’s temperature increases, its density decreases. His finding...
H-B DURAC Galileo Thermometers 8 results

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