Did you Celebrate National Inventor’s Day


Did You Celebrate
National Inventors' Day?

National Inventors' Day is celebrated every year on February 11. While famous inventors like Thomas Edison or Benjamin Franklin may be first to come to mind, there are many regular people who invent life-changing products everyday! Don't believe us? Keep reading to find out the surprising story behind how the Break-Safe Ampule Opener was invented!

A retired army veteran needed to take medication which was contained in ampules.

Due to the extent of his injuries including limited use of one arm, he had a difficult time opening the ampules when it was time for his injections.

After trial and error he came up with the Ampule Opener- a safer way for everyone to open ampules! Not only can it be operated with one hand and without direct contact with the ampules, but ampules break cleanly and glass pieces remain contained within the device.

Break-Safe Ampule Opener

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